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  • Introduction

    The B3 S BiTurbo is the successor of the B3 BiTurbo. It was launched at the 2010 Geneva motorshow and was available as convertible, coupe, sedan and touring.

    At the same time, the B3 Allrad was replaced by the B3 S Allrad.

    A special version of the B3 S BiTurbo was the limited production B3 GT3.

    Production of the B3 S BiTurbo continued until the end of the BMW E90 lifecycle. Production of the B3 S BiTurbo sedan was finished in 2011, the touring version ended in 2012. Convertible and coupe versions were available until 2013.


    In comparison to its predecessor, the E90 B3 BiTurbo, power increased from 360hp to 400hp and torque from 500Nm to 540Nm. The higher performance is mainly due to improved cooling and airflow ducting; the engine block and internal parts are retained from the B3 BiTurbo.

    In contrast to the LCI version of the BMW 335i on which it is based, the B3 S BiTurbo retained a modified version of the N54 engine instead of the new N55 engine.

    The rest of the drivetrain is similar to the B3 BiTurbo.

    Optionally, a Drexler limited slip differential is available.


    Suspension and brakes are retained from the B3 BiTurbo.

    Standard are 18-inch Classic design wheels with 245/40 and 265/40 tires. Optionally, 19-inch Dynamic wheels as well as new Classic design 19-inch wheels were developed for the B3 S BiTurbo.


    The convertible and coupe versions of the B3 S BiTurbo have a new rear valence with integrated diffusor.


    Acceleration from 0-100kph is improved to 4,7 seconds. Top speed for the coupe and sedan versions is 300kph.