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  • XD3 BiTurbo
  • Introduction

    In March 2013, at the Geneva motorshow, Alpina unexpectedly introduced the XD3 BiTurbo. This is the first-ever SUV model from Alpina and as such of course slightly controversial. The XD3 BiTurbo is based on the X3 35d.

    In March 2014, at the Geneva motorshow, the LCI version of the XD3 BiTurbo was introduced.

    Production of the XD3 BiTurbo finalized in late 2017.


    The engine is the same as the D5 BiTurbo. It is based on the BMW engine from the X3 35d, which retains stock engine block and internal parts. It has been modified to 350hp and 700Nm. Heat management is improved by installing the cooling package from the hot-climate version of the X3 35d, as well as extensive custom Alpina air ducting.

    The stainless steel exhaust system was developed together with Akrapovič. It features exhaust system sound control with Drive Performance Control.

    The only available gearbox is the 8-speed Sport-Automatic transmission (ZF 8HP70) with Switchtronic.


    The XD3 BiTurbo has adaptive M sport suspension with electronically adjustable dampers, performance springs, bump stops and stabilisers. The suspension is modified with Alpina settings.

    Wheels are 20-inch Alpina Classic wheels with 255/40 and 285/35 Michelin tires. Optionally, 21-inch Alpina Classic wheels with 245/35 and 285/30 tires are available.

    Brakes from the X3 35d are retained.


    The XD3 BiTurbo undergoes the same interior changes as usual with Alpina. Cluster gauges are custom Alpina with classic blue background combined with steering wheel trimmed in Lavalina leather. Additionally, interior trim is fine Alpina wood or piano lacquer with Alpina logos. A no-cost option are Alpina badges in the seats. Optionally, a custom interior in Lavalina leather can be ordered, as well as additional instruments mounted in the center airduct.

    For the exterior, the changes are limited to an Alpina frontspoiler and Alpina badges on the rear. A non-cost option is the classic Alpina decor on sides of the car and frontspoiler. Exterior colors are limited to the standard BMW colors, special colors such as Alpina Blue and Alpina Green II are not available.


    Acceleration from 0-100kph is 4,9 seconds, 0-200kph is 21,7 seconds.
    Topspeed is stated by Alpina as 253kph.