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  • Introduction

    The B5 BiTurbo is based on the BMW 550i.

    In June 2010, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the B5 BiTurbo was introduced. The Touring version of the B5 BiTurbo was introduced at the 2011 Geneva motorshow.

    During 2015, Alpina offered a special version of the B5 BiTurbo, the limited production B5 BiTurbo Edition 50.

    In early 2016, after the B5 BiTurbo Edition 50 production was sold out, production of the regular B5 BiTurbo – now with 600hp – was reinstated. In early 2017, production of the B5 BiTurbo ended.


    The engine in the B5 BiTurbo was initially introduced in the B7 BiTurbo. It is based on the BMW 550i engine, with custom Alpina engine block, cylinder heads and internal parts. It has been modified to 507hp and 700Nm. Heat management is improved by installing custom Alpina cooling package with radiator, engine oil cooler, transmission oil cooler, as well as extensive custom Alpina air ducting and intercooler. Also, an additional electric water pump is installed.

    From March 2012, the B5 BiTurbo engine was upgraded to 540hp and 730Nm. This required extensive modifications, including new turbo compressors, upgraded cooling package, extensive new air ducting and software modifications. As well as increased performance, a substantial increase of fuel efficiency by 0,5 liter per 100km was achieved. An upgrade package to 540hp was also offered for existing 507hp versions.

    From early 2016, the B5 Biturbo engine was again upgraded, now to 600hp and 800Nm.

    The B5 BiTurbo has a custom exhaust, optionally a titanium exhaust was offered from Akrapovič.

    The only available gearbox is the 8-speed Sport-Automatic transmission (ZF 8HP70) with Switchtronic.

    Optionally, a Drexler limited slip differential is available.


    The B5 BiTurbo suspension is based on the 550i, modified with Alpina settings and springs. The wheel carriers are heavy-duty items sourced from the BMW 7-series. The driveshafts are custom Alpina parts.

    A custom Alpina crossbar is installed at the rear.

    Wheels are 20-inch Alpina Classic wheels with 255/35 and 285/30 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

    The front brakes are sourced from the high-speed version of the F01 750i. The rear brakes are from the F10 550i.


    The B5 BiTurbo undergoes the same interior changes as usual with Alpina. Cluster gauges are custom Alpina with classic blue background combined with steering wheel trimmed in Lavalina leather. Additionally, interior trim is fine Alpina wood or piano lacquer with Alpina logos. A no-cost option are Alpina badges in the seats. Optionally, a custom interior in Lavalina leather can be ordered.

    For the exterior, the changes are limited to an Alpina Type 860 frontspoiler, rear diffusor and Alpina badges on the rear. The sedan version has an Alpina Type 858 rearspoiler, the touring version has an Alpina 896 rearspoiler either color-coded or clear carbon. A non-cost option is the classic Alpina decor on sides of the car and frontspoiler. Available exterior colors include Alpina Blue and Alpina Green II.


    For the initial 507hp version, acceleration from 0-100kph was 4,9 seconds. Top speed for the sedan was 307kph. With the 540hp version, acceleration reduced to 4,7 seconds. Top speed increased to 319kph for the sedan and 316 kph for the Touring version.

    With the 600hp version, acceleration was further reduced to 4,2 seconds. Top speed increased even more to 328kph for the sedan and 323kph for the Touring version.