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    The B10 V8 was one of the most successful cars in Alpina´s history, with over 1300 cars sold since it’s launch in March 1997. However, over time more and more powerful sport-saloons entered the market and 347 bhp simply wasn’t enough. So for the last model-year of the E39, Alpina introduced the B10 V8 S at the Geneva autoshow. The ´S´-designation refers to classic models such as the limited edition E12 B7 S Turbo. The B10 V8 S is not as rare as its older brother but it is still quite a special car.


    The V8 S uses a modified version of the B10 V8 engine. The bore is exactly the same at 93 mm but the new crankshaft has increased the stroke from 85 mm to 89 mm which increases the displacement 4837 cm3. Other changes include a reworked and improved intake-system and new piston-rings. At 5800 rpm the B10 V8 S develops 375 bhp and 510 NM of torque at 3800 rpm. The gearbox is the same 5-speed automatic with Switch-Tronic as the standard B10 V8. This same engine was later used in the Z8-based Roadster V8 and even became a BMW production engine in the X5 4.8iS.


    The suspension has a stiffer set-up than the standard B10 has, but not by much. Alpina have designed the suspension to work with the beautiful 19″ wheels the B10 V8 S is equipped with. The front wheels are 8,5″ wide and has 245/35 tires while the rears are 9,5″ wide with 275/30 tires. However the 18″ wheels from the B10 V8 are still available as a no-cost option. Behind the front wheels the much improved brakes can be found. The 360x34mm discs are drilled and the 4-piston calipers, which are made of aluminum by Brembo, are finished in blue with a silver Alpina logo.


    The B10 V8 S is very subtle. The exterior changes include a front-spoiler, identical to the B10 V8, a new rear-spoiler, the 19″ wheels and the exhaust-pipes. Inside, it has the classic Alpina-designed anthracite cloth, a hand-stitched steering-wheel in Alpina-design, blue instruments with red needles, Alpina door-sills and velour floor mats and a Rüster Maser wood-interior. The stripes are a no-cost option and are available in silver or gold and of course it has a silver-plated production plaque. If money is no object there are some interesting options such as Alpinablue or Alpinagreen paint, the very nice velour-mat for the luggage-compartment in Alpina design, the B10 V8 S-sign on the B-pillar and Lavalina leather interior.


    Alpina claim: Saloon: 0-100 km/h in 5,4 seconds, 0-1000 metres in 24,7 seconds and a top speed of 284 km/h. Touring: 0-100 km/h in 5,6 seconds, 0-1000 metres in 25,0 seconds and a top speed of 273 km/h.