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    The B5 was introduced at the Geneva salon in 2005. The B5 was presented as “the fastest production saloon in the world”, a title that has been claimed by Alpina 5-series in the past. The B5 is available both as Limousine as well as Touring.

    In March 2007, at the Geneva motorshow, Alpina introduced a number of changes for the B5 based on the E60 LCI facelift model.

    In September 2007, at the IAA motorshow, Alpina replaced the B5 with the even faster B5 S with 530 bhp and 725 Nm.


    The B5 uses the same supercharged V8-engine as the B7, also called the H1. This engine is based on BMW´s 4,4 litre unit, found in the 545i and the 745i for example. In standard version it produces 333 bhp, in Alpina´s version it delivers 500 bhp. Please refer to the E65 B7 for more information about this engine.

    From March 2007, the B5 has a new generation 6-speed gearbox, which shifts considerably faster. As an option, a limited slip differential is available. The B5 S differs from the facelift version of the B5 only in terms of engine management and gearbox software. Therefore facelift versions of the B5 can be upgraded to B5 S specification.


    The suspension has been uprated with stiffer springs and modified dampers, specially developed Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres, 245/40 ZR19 at the front and 275/35 ZR19 at the rear. The B5 uses the same brake set-up as the B7, which comes from the BMW 760 Li. At front the discs measure 374/36mm and at rear 370/24mm at rear.

    In March 2007, Alpina presented an updated version of the B5. Based on the facelifted E60 5-series, it also featured a new suspension. This system is called EDC, and has been developed in conjunction with SACHS Race Engineering and it´s an electronically-controlled adjustable damping. The dampers are pretty supple in the base setting, but as soon as there is more load on the suspension the dampers automatically increases their resistance. It is also possible to manually select firmer damping setting by pressing the Sport-button. The 19” wheels were replaced by 20”, with 245/35 tyres at front and 285/30 at rear. Not for the Touring though as there is not enough room at rear for larger wheels.


    Inside the B5 is equipped with sport seats in Alpina design leather, new instruments with blue background and red needles, luxury wood “Myrtle”, a hand-stitched leather steering-wheel, Alpina floor mats, Alpina door sills and a silver-plated production plaque. The exterior changes are very subtle, front and rear spoiler lips are fitted. These make the car more stable at speed while maintaining a very low CW-value.

    From March 2007, the B5 Touring received a new roof-spoiler as standard.


    For the B5 sedan, Alpina claimed a 0-100 km/h time of 4,7 seconds and 4,9 seconds for the Touring. At first Alpina talked about limiting the top-speed to 300 km/h, but fortunately they didn´t which means the B5 sedan is capable of 314 km/h.

    In several tests, the B5 has shown to be even faster. For example, in Auto Motor und Sport´s high-speed test at Nardo, Andy Bovensiepen drove a B5 Touring at an impressive speed of 319 km/h.