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  • Introduction

    The B3 S BiTurbo is based on the BMW 340i. The B3 S BiTurbo replaces the B3 BiTurbo.

    In March 2017, at the Geneva motorshow, the B3 S BiTurbo was introduced in Limousine and Touring versions. At the same time, the 4WD version – the B3 S Allrad – was introduced.

    In line with the new naming conventions at BMW, from the F30-series onwards the Cabrio and Coupe versions of the B3 S BiTurbo are named B4 S BiTurbo.

    Production of the Limousine version of the B3 S BiTurbo ended in summer 2018 due to the F30 3-series being phased out by BMW. Production of the Touring version ended in summer 2019.


    The B3 S BiTurbo engine is based on the BMW 335i engine, which has been modified to 440hp and 660Nm.

    In comparison to the B3 BiTurbo, the turbocharger setup has been modified incorporating two new Alpina-specific turbochargers. Additionally, the piston crown cooling system has been modified. The external water cooler has 15% increased capacity, the external oil cooler has 35% increased capacity.

    The stainless steel exhaust system, developed in conjunction with Akrapovič, features two elliptical twin tailpipes. Exhaust sound is controlled by an intelligent exhaust valve linked to the Drive Experience Control button. In Sport Mode, the exhuast valve is permanently open.

    The only available gearbox is the 8-speed Sport-Automatic transmission (ZF 8HP70) with Switchtronic. Automatic up-shift function can be disabled using the Drive Experience Control button.

    Optionally, a Drexler limited slip differential is available.


    The B3 BiTurbo has adaptive M sport suspension with electronically adjustable dampers, performance springs, bump stops and stabilisers. The suspension is modified with Alpina settings. These settings can be selected using the Drive Experience Control button.

    Wheels are 20-inch Alpina Classic with 245/30 and 265/30 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires. For winter conditions, 19-inch Alpina Classic wheels with 245/35 Continental ContiWinterContact TS 830 P winter tires are available.

    Brakes are same as the B3 BiTurbo.


    The B3 S BiTurbo undergoes the same interior and exterior changes as the B3 BiTurbo.
    LED headlights, Park Distance Control and Storage Package are standard.


    Acceleration from 0-100kph is 4,3 seconds for the B3 S BiTurbo, for the B3 S Allrad 4,0 seconds.

    Topspeed is 306kph for the sedan and 303kph for the Touring version.