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  • Introduction

    The D5 S is based on the BMW 530d Xdrive. It is the first all-wheel-drive version of the Alpina 5-series diesel. It replaces the previous generation F10-based D5 BiTurbo and D5 Turbo.

    In September 2017, the D5 S was introduced at the IAA motorshow as Limousine and Touring.


    In left-hand drive format, the D5 S has 388hp and 800Nm. It is based on the engine from the M550d, however with 3 instead of 4 turbochargers. The engine is already homologated according to the new exhaust emissions standard Euro 6C.

    In right-hand drive format, the D5 S has 326hp and 700Nm. It is based on the engine from the 540d. It is homologated according to the emissions standard Euro 6B.

    The only available gearbox is the 8-speed Sport-Automatic transmission (ZF 8HP75) with Switchtronic.

    The right-hand drive version has a longer final drive ratio, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions at highway speeds.

    Optionally, a mechanical limited slip differential from Drexler, assembled by hand and using motorsport grade CNC machined components, is available.


    The D5 S suspension is based on the 530d Xdrive, modified with Alpina settings and springs.

    Optionally, the D5 S is available with Integral Active Steering for added agility and safety. This comprises an electromechanical steering system with variable ratio at the front axle and electromechanical rear-wheel steering with a maximum steering angle of 2.5 degrees. At lower speeds the system improves agility markedly by means of the rear wheels steering ever so slightly in opposite direction to the front wheels. At higher speeds the rear wheels steer in the same direction as the front wheels for improved high speed and directional stability.

    Wheels are 20-inch forged Alpina Classic wheels with 255/35 and 295/30 (Touring – 285/30) Pirelli Pzero tires. This results in a weight saving of 15kg (or nearly 25%) compared to traditional cast wheels of similar dimensions. Just like with the B5 BiTurbo, Alpina chose to change from the traditional Michelin tires, due to Pirelli developing a specific Alpina version of the Pirelli Pzero tire. Pirelli tires were last fitted as original equipment on Alpina models in 1985.

    The brake system of the D5 S is identical to that of the B5 BiTurbo. This consists of four-piston fixed brake calipers and 395 mm discs on the front axle and floating brake calipers with 398 mm discs and an electromechanical parking brake on the rear axle. Optionally, a high-performance brake system is available, which combines lightweight drilled composite discs with high performance brake pads for even more fading resistance.


    The D5 S undergoes the same interior changes as usual with Alpina. Cluster gauges are custom Alpina with classic blue background combined with steering wheel trimmed in Lavalina leather. Additionally, interior trim is fine Alpina wood or piano lacquer with Alpina logos. A no-cost option are Alpina badges in the seats. Optionally, a custom interior in Lavalina leather can be ordered.

    The full-colour digital instrument panel in LED technology features a distinctive ALPINA design. In Comfort mode it offers a classic look: instruments with a blue background, red needles and clearly legible figures. In Sport mode the display changes to dynamic style with green drag indicators. It is also possible to select an Eco Pro mode. A typical Alpina feature is the centrally positioned permanent digital speed indicator.

    For the exterior, the changes are limited to an Alpina frontspoiler, rear diffusor and Alpina badges on the rear. The sedan version has a rearspoiler. A non-cost option is the classic Alpina decor on sides of the car and frontspoiler. Available exterior colors include Alpina Blue II and Alpina Green II.


    For the left-hand drive version:
    Acceleration from 0-100kph is 4,4 seconds.
    Top speed for the sedan is 286kph and for the touring 283kph.

    For the right-hand drive version:
    Acceleration from 0-100kph is 4,9 seconds.
    Top speed for the sedan is 275kph.