• [E21]
  • Early E21 B6 2.8 C1 2.3
  • Introduction

    When the E21 3-series was introduced in 1976, Alpina immediately offered a choice of four different engine upgrade packages. These engines were based on existing upgrades developed by Alpina earlier for the BMW 2002.

    After BMW launched the 323i and Alpina started having commercial success with the B6 2.8, most of the four cylinder engine packages were discontinued.

    The four cilinder engines offered by Alpina were:
    * A1/3 (120 bhp)
    * A2/3 (150 bhp)
    * A4/3 (160 bhp)
    * A4S/3 (170 bhp)

    These upgrades were similar to the earlier versions fitted by Alpina to the 02 series cars, with only small changes. The versions for the 3-series were identified by their “/3” designations. All these early engine upgrades were installed either at Alpina or at approved distributors.