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  • The purpose of this archive is to provide Alpina owners and enthusiasts with a repository to share pictures and data about their vehicles. Through our efforts we intend to provide more insight and appreciation into the Alpina brand and for the many great automobiles that have been produced in Buchloe.

    Although Alpina is extremely helpful in providing data to individual owners – and we certainly recommend contacting the factory about your vehicle! – there are no means for individual owners to obtain an overview of the many other Alpinas produced. This is complicated by the vast geographical spread of Alpinas worldwide and the distribution of certain models limited to particular geographical areas.

    It is our desire not to expose owners to any unwanted attention. Therefore owner information, detailed geographical locations and other sensitive data is not publicly available on this site. Also if owners do not wish to have any information or images of their vehicles publicly available on this site it will be kept from public view. It is also our policy not to give out any personal contact information of owners or anyone contributing to this site, unless express permission is given.

    We encourage all Alpina owners and enthousiasts to contribute photos and information to this site!