• [E30]
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  • With the introduction of the E30 3-series, Alpina phased out the previously popular four cylinder engines and focused their efforts on the small-block six-cylinder models. All of these cars were based on the same platform with different versions of the same basic engine.

    In 1985, BMW replaced the 150hp 323i with the 170hp 325i. This meant the C1 2.3/1 was no longer competitive. Alpina responded by introducing the C2 2.5 with 185hp.

    By 1986, BMW introduced the more powerful E30 M3, which meant Alpina developed the more powerful C2 2.7. The C2 2.5 was replaced by the cheaper C1 2.5.

    Between 1985 and 1986, 74 examples of the C2 2.5 were produced. Most of these cars were sold in Japan. The last C2 2.5 were likely difficult to sell and therefore appear to have been rebadged as C2 2.7 Japan.