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    In 1988, BMW introduced the most luxurious E32 7-series of all – the V12 powered 750i. The B12 5.0 was introduced in July 1988 and it is superior to the 750i in many categories. It is faster, better handling and is more frugal. The production ended in January 1994.


    The B12 is much faster than the 750i thanks to the modifications made by Alpina. The displacement is unchanged at 5.0 litre, as are the block, crankshaft, connecting rods, inlet and exhaust manifolds and cooling system. However different Mahle pistons raise the compression, larger inlet valves, more valve lift and slightly changed valve timing get more mixture into the engine. The combustion chambers are changed to accommodate larger inlet valves. New three-way metal catalysts and new stainless steel exhaust systems are also fitted. Alpina has reprogrammed the Motronic management system to raise the maximum engine speed from 6000 to 6400 rpm.

    These changes increase the power to 350bhp from 300bhp and torque is increased to 470Nm at 4000rpm from 450Nm at 4100rpm. The B12 5.0 has the same 4-speed automatic gearbox as the 750i but it is reprogrammed to give full throttle kickdown changes up to 6400 rpm.


    The B12 5.0 is a much better handling car than the 750i. New Bilstein dampers and springs are fitted and together with the 17in Alpina alloys with 235/45 tires at front and 265/40 tires at rear and ASC the grip is outstanding.

    The brakes are also improved to handle the greater performance.

    Additionally, Alpina also changed the electronics and hydraulics of the ZF Servotronic power steering to reduce the change of steering weight between low and high speed.


    The interior changes are limited to a smaller steering wheel, new speedometer (to 320 km/h), the instruments have red needles and sportseats with Alpina upholstery in Nappa leather are fitted. A new frontspoiler is fitted and that’s about the only visual change together with the exhaust pipes and the wheels.


    Alpina claimed a 0-100 km/h time of 6,9 seconds and a top speed of over 275 km/h.


    A total of 305 B12 5.0 were built.