• Nicole
  • Edition 30
  • In 1995, the B3 3.0 Edition 30 was introduced by Nicole to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Alpina. It should not be confused with the Alpina version with the same designation.

    Technical specifications are based on the B3 3.0.


    The B3 3.0 Edition 30 features the following modifications:
    * exterior plaque with “B3 3.0/1 Limited Edition” model designation
    * interior plaque with “Edition 30” model designation
    * Exterior color Alpinablau, Alpinagrün or Technoviolett
    * Interior in black leather with Alcantara in blue, green or purple

    The Nicole production number for these models is not linked to the Alpina production number.


    A series of 30 pieces was produced.