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  • Introduction

    The B3 3.0 Edition 30 was launched in March 1995 at the Geneva Motorshow to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Alpina. This model is based on the Cabrio, Coupe and Sedan versions of the B3 3.0, complimented with parts unique to this model.

    Production was limited to 30 units each of the Cabrio and Coupe versions, as well as 20 units of the Sedan version.

    Available colors were Alpina Blue, Boston Green and Techno Violet.


    The engine and gearbox do not differ from the standard B3 3.0.


    These do not differ from the standard B3 3.0.


    As standard the Edition 30 models featured black leather and Alcantara interior. The Alcantara color is matched to the exterior color.

    Wooden trim with Edition 30 lettering is also unique to the Edition 30.

    Other unique details include stainless steel door finishers with Edition 30 lettering.

    The production number of each Edition 30 model is shown on the production plaque.


    Performance does not differ from the standard B3 3.0.