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    The B12 6.0 was an unexpected surprise when it was introduced at the Geneva motorshow in 1999. Despite its weight, the B12 6.0 is one of the fastest Alpina cars ever in acceleration over 100 km/h.


    When BMW introduced the facelifted E38 7-series, Alpina wanted to create the ultimate “Autobahn-stormer”. The B12 6.0 is fitted with the largest volume engine in Alpina´s history. Alpina have increased the displacement to 6,0 litre, fitted new Mahle pistons, new camshafts and reworked the intake. The result is 430 bhp and an impressive torque of 600Nm at 4200 rpm. Even more impressive is that the B12 6.0 produces 500Nm at only 1700 rpm.

    The B12 6.0 is only available with the 5-speed Switch-Tronic gearbox.


    The wheels are 20″ with 245/40 tires front and 275/35 rear.


    An ordinary 750i/iL has impressive presence on the road but the B12 6.0 is even more impressive, thanks to the massive 20″ wheels. The only other visual changes are the deeper front-spoiler and the 4 exhaust pipes. The Alpina deco-set in either gold or silver is a no-cost option.

    The interior changes include an full-leather upholstery in Alpina design, luxury wood ´Elm´, a hand-sewn leather-rimmed steering wheel, velour floor mats in Alpina design, new instruments and a silver plated production plaque. A very nice option is the ultra-soft Lavalina leather on every surface imaginable.


    The most impressive is not only that the B12 6.0 can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 5,9 seconds or its top speed of 291 km/h. It is the standing start kilometre which the B12 6.0 manages to do in 23,5 seconds which is faster than a Ferrari F355.