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    There have been many discussions about why anyone would want a Z8 with less power and an automatic gearbox. There is an old Alpina saying “We don´t make BMW´s better, we make them different” and the V8 Roadster is a great example of this philosophy. Alpina has created a new niche and does not compete with the original product from BMW.

    Just like the RLE, the Roadster V8 is a limited edition. Interestingly, the Roadster V8 is the first Alpina to be sold officially in North America. Initially, 333 units were planned however after the distribution deal between Alpina and BMWNA the production was increased to 555.


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    To make it even more different from the Z8, Alpina Roadster V8 uses a softer suspension set-up which is designed to work with the new wheels. The V8 Roadster is equipped with Alpina´s Dynamic rims with sizes in 9×20″ with 255/35 tires front and 10×20″ with 285/30 tires rear.


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    Alpina claims 0-100 km/h in 5,3 seconds, 0-1000 metres in 24,3 seconds and a limited top speed of 260 km/h.


    The Z8 has the same fantastic V8-engine as the E39 M5 which produces 400 bhp and 500 NM of torque. They also share the same 6-speed manual gearbox. With the exception of the B12 5,7 Coupe, Alpina have never based their work on M-engines.

    The E39 M5 drive-train is not easy to better so Alpina chose a different focus; to give the Z8 a whole new character. The result is the Roadster V8. Therefore the V8 Roadster uses the engine from the B10 V8 S. However, due to a different exhaust, the V8 Roadster produces even more power – 381 bhp at 5800 rpm and 520 NM torque at 3800 rpm. Between 3100-5000 rpm there is at least 500 NM of torque available.

    Although the Roadster has less power than the Z8 it produces more torque which makes it very suitable for crusing. The gearbox is the same 5-speed Switch-Tronic gearbox as in the B10 V8 S. Even though they share engine and gearbox the V8 Roadster has different rear axle ratio than the B10 V8 S, 3.38 instead of 3.08.


    The exterior is mostly unchanged – the V8 Roadster can be recognized by its Alpina Dynamic wheels and badges. For the European market 6 colours are available and the only one exterior cost option is Alpina-blue paint.

    The interior has more changes to it such as new instruments, the 280 km/h speedometer with blue background, red needles and gear selection display. The steering-wheel is hand-stitched in Alpina colors with buttons for the Switch-Tronic. The door sills have an Alpina Roadster V8 logo. The Alpina production plaque in silver is located between the seats. The standard seats are covered in soft Nappa leather/Alcantara. The soft Nappa leather is available in two colours, black or crema, while the Alcantara is available in four colours, black, crema, red or blue. The backrest also has a 4-colour Alpina-logo. Softnappa covers most of the interior such as dashboard. These changes really make the V8 Roadster look much more exclusive than the Z8.

    There are some very desirable options available: for example Alpina offers their own seats. They also offer very attractive decor-lists in soft-touch Alpina blue. There are also even nicer upholstery available with the Alpina seats, All-leather Nappa, Lavalina/Alcantara or the ultra soft all-leather Lavalina upholstery which is the most expensive option.

    Regrettably, the NA version of the Roadster V8 was only available in Titansilber and Schwarz II. Also the interior options were a lot more limited with only 3 soft Nappa leather packages being available.