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  • Introduction

    The XB7 is based on the BMW X7 M50i and is the first full-size Alpina X-series SUV. Additionally, with 621hp it is the most powerful Alpina model offered to date.

    In May 2020, the XB7 was introduced in a press release, as the 2020 Geneva motorshow was cancelled.

    In April 2022, the facelift version was introduced.


    The XB7 engine was introduced in the F01 B7 BiTurbo and is based on the BMW M50i engine, which has been modified to 621hp and 800Nm. The maximum torque is available from 2000rpm to 5000rpm.

    To facilitate the increased power, engine cooling has been modified with two additional external water coolers, an enlarged transmission oil cooler and custom air/water/air intercoolers.

    An active exhaust system allows the sound to be restrained in Comfort mode or more pronounced in Sport mode.

    The only available gearbox is a new generation 8-speed Sport-Automatic transmission (ZF 8HP76) with Switchtronic. The gearbox is modified to handle the massive torque of the XB7 engine. Additional gearbox cooling is provided by an aluminium oil sump located in the underbody.

    An electronically-variable limited-slip differential is installed on the rear axle, with a locking torque of up to 2000Nm.


    The XB7 suspension is based on the X7 M50i, the air suspension is modified with Alpina settings. At speeds below 30kph, the ride height can be raised by 40mm for clearance. When selecting Sport mode or at speeds above 160kph, the ride height is lowered by 20mm. The ride height is lowered with an additional 20mm above speeds of 250kph or when selecting Sport+ mode.

    A custom dome-bulkhead strut and reinforced torsion struts increase body rigidity. In addition, the electromechanical anti-roll bars of the Active Roll Stabilization system and stiffer rear axle bushings reduce body roll substantially.

    The standard Integral Active Steering offers direct steering response with exceptional feedback and improves overall agility. The Active Kinematics Control System from ZF enables the wheels of the rear axle to pivot a maximum of 2.3° left or right. The driver can choose from three steering modes: Comfort, Sport and Sport+.

    Wheels are 21-inch Alpina Dynamic wheels with 285/45 Pirelli Pzero tires. Optionally, 23-inch Alpina Classic wheels with 285/35 and 325/30 Pirelli Pzero tires are available. This results in a weight saving of 13kg compared to traditional cast wheels of similar dimensions.

    The brake system of the XB7 has four-piston fixed brake calipers from Brembo with 395x36mm brake discs on the front axle and floating brake calipers with 398x28mm brake discs on the rear axle. Brake calipers are finished in blue with white Alpina logo. Optionally, a high-performance brake system with light-weight drilled brake discs and highly heat-resistant brake pads is available.


    The XB7 undergoes the same interior changes as usual with Alpina. Cluster gauges are custom Alpina with classic blue background combined with steering wheel trimmed in Lavalina leather. Additionally, interior trim is fine Alpina wood or piano lacquer with Alpina logos. A no-cost option are Alpina badges in the seats. Optionally, a custom interior in Lavalina leather can be ordered.

    As standard, the XB7 interior features 3 seating rows. The second row either features a rear bench with three seats or optionally two individual seats with integrated armrests. For comfortable loading, the XB7 can be lowered by up to 50 mm at the push of a button that is located in the luggage compartment.

    Standard equipment includes Merino Leather, comfort seats, seat heating, soft-close doors, Alcantara headlining, leather instrument panel and panoramic glass sunroof.

    The full-colour digital instrument panel in LED technology features a distinctive Alpina design. In Comfort mode it offers a classic look: instruments with a blue background, red needles and clearly legible figures. In Sport mode the display changes to dynamic style with green drag indicators. It is also possible to select an Eco Pro mode. A typical Alpina feature is the centrally positioned permanent digital speed indicator.

    In addition to traditional Myrtle wood interior trim, two further trim variants are optionally available: Piano lacquer and new Natural Walnut Anthracite. Each of the wood trim variants features the Alpina roundel logo.

    For the exterior, the changes are limited to an Alpina frontspoiler, rear diffusor and Alpina badges on the rear. A non-cost option is the classic Alpina decor on sides of the car and frontspoiler.


    Acceleration from 0-100kph is 4,2 seconds.
    Top speed is 290kph.