• BMW South Africa
  • 325iS 333i
  • The E30 model 2-door bodied BMW 325iS was locally built in South Africa during the late 80’s to early 90’s when it became clear that South Africa were not getting the E30 M3. The BMWSA-built 325iS should not be confused with 325iS models in other countries (e.g. Australia, USA & UK) which often were not much more than a highly-specced 325i.

    The straight-six 2,7 litre capacity engine is based on the Alpina C2 2.7 engine. The 325iS had a Getrag dog-leg close ratio gearbox and LSD. Standard specifications included Sundym tinted glass all around, the BMW-Motorsport magnesium wheels, sliding steel Sun-roof, and electrical radio aerial – some examples had the antennae built in to the windscreen. The ALPINA magnesium road wheels were an expensive option that few buyers took. Choice of paint was restricted to Red, Silver, White or Metallic Black.

    The interior was standard black carpeting, bucket seats finished in a Anthracite herring-bone cloth and black dashboard / centre console. The package was rounded off with full M-Tech instrumentation, on-board computer, top-end radio/tape, electric windows, electric door-mirrors, heated screen, air-conditioning, central locking and password immobiliser, cruise control and a Motorsport leather steering wheel.

    The 325iS Evo was introduced in March 1990. It has M3 suspension/wheels and 5 bolt hubs. Bodywork including bonnet, door skins and front wings are aluminium. The car weighed 1147 kg with PAS, aircon and electric windows. Mechanically the 325iS has a 3.7 LSD and a C2 2.7 engine with non-Alpina camshaft making 197 bhp.

    The 325is Evo 2 was built in two batches in March and June 1991. It has M3 suspension (Japan-spec Boge) with Alpina anti-roll bars. Doors are steel instead of aluminium. Mechanically the 325iS Evo has a 3.91 LSD and a C2 2.7 engine with a 535i throttle body and AFM making 204 bhp.