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  • July 2007

    “I flew to Germany (where the car is being restored) last weekend and I am happy… Very good progress Front and rear axle are OK, Bilstein suspension is OK (Unfortunately, they did paint the parts yellow – although I very clearly asked to paint the new parts black – and put blue “hats on the rear shocks… (in the end actual Bilstein colours… not 1972 colours…). Now too difficult to paint black on the special Bilstein yellow paint… I will see if the yellow area is very visible behind the wheels/tyres when these will be on the car… But I think I will have to live with this small anachronism).
    All chrome trim is OK, Lamps are OK, doors are OK, doors windows and rear quarter plexiglass windows as well (windscreen and rear window will be done today ) etc… etc… Very good progress done… I think next time we should have pictures with the engine in … etc… (September ?)”


    “I am very reluctant showing pictures of parts in “bad condition” compared with the condition of the car. Nevertheless, I am ready to make an effort and post one ot two pictures. Please note : Engine, engine cover, Alpina airbox, gearbox etc… will for sure look “as new” when they will be in the car and they will not stay in the very poor condition as on the pictures I also have the cooled rear end (being overhauled right now) but I could not find pictures of it (even in dirty condition). Here is the original B2-S engine.”

    Here is the original Alpina airbox. Please note this is a very early, very light airbox as Alpina did manufacture on very few early cars (later airbox model had ALPINA embossed on it and was at least 2x-3x heavier than this early airbox). On this very early airbox, the word Alpina was a kind of sticker and letters were sticked.

    Here is the original ZF close ratio 5 gears gearbox (ZF S5-18/3)”

    August 2007

    I had some uncertainties regarding the front airdam. As matter of fact I have been wondering what to do regarding its final aspect. Should I paint it Inka Orange as the car or should I paint it black as it was the rule in the early seventies? I finally decided to go for Inka Orange. I always will have the possibility (this will be, BTW much more easier as the other way round) to paint it black if I am not happy with the final aspect. BTW, having the airdam and the car painted during same process also has a big advantage : I am definitely sure the Inka Orange coulour of the airdam does 100% match the Inka Orange colour of the car Which maybe would not have been that easy afterwards Paint it black afterwards (if necessary) will not be that complicated.
    “I am just back from the Nuerburgring. Prior driving back home, I had a quick look to my Alpina B2-S 3.0 CSL. In the end not very much (read : spectacular) progress, but things do however go towards the right direction. BTW: next weekend, engine, geabox and other important elements will be installed… Provided no surprise appears (and I really do not expect any) the car should be at Buchloe for full homologation at some point in October this year.

    A view of the front & rear swaybars (uniball parts now fitted).

    A view of the special oil filter housing (temp sensor, oil circuit etc…), the oil cooler for the differential, the new Scheel bucket seats and the Alpina magnesium split rims (centers will be black but it was just to see how cooool those rims will be on the car).”

    Wheels are 14 inches wheels as proposed by Alpina in the early 70’s. In fact centre of the wheels is 13 inches (used on street cars and race cars) and halves are 14 inches. New Michelin XWX tyres (195-70- VR 14) already are waiting when the centres will have been painted black (September).

    Dec 2007

    Regarding the project itself, I unfortunately had to go through some (kind of) bad news as it appears the Alpina split-rims wheel nuts got lost… Problem is they are very special. Only solution for me : have wheel nuts re-manufactured (I fortunately still have two original wheel nuts at home that I will use as model). This will cost some time. I will start driving the car with stock CSL 7×14 wheels (which are Alpinas as well) but these must be re-sprayed (I could not drive a car in this condition with dirty wheels) prior to be installed.

    On top of that (and this is a kind a big disappointment), I also had to understand the Alpina front spoiler I have for this car – should be a genuine and original part – unfortunately does not properly fit… It means this front spoiler will need to be rather seriously modified in order to get a ”new” one that will perfectly fit. When done, I will make a new form out of the “new” front spoiler and keep it in my garage !!! Here as well, it will cost time and I will start without front spoiler…

    Last point (less important), the Alpina airbox as well as other parts (head cover etc…) were unfortunately not back from the paint shop when I shot the pictures. Well, we also have some (really) minor points e.g. the screws for the VDO panel instruments (on the dashboard) also got lost and the current ones are too big… but this will be changed at some point and is not that much important.

    If we except all those points, the car is really superb and the work (level of detail and accuracy) done by my mechanic is absolutely stunning.”
    “I am a bit late but I had tons of business trips and commitments and could not make it before. Unfortunately, the pics are not as good as usual… It was late afternoon (already dark) and I had not much possibilities to move the car at the right place in the garage.

    July 2008

    What still is pending / must be done : BMW ALPINA side stickers (right and left on the front fenders) and BMW ALPINA sticker on the rear of the car (below the rear bumper). Order new tyres for the split rim Alpina wheels and replace current stock CSL wheels with split rims. Replace Alpina steering wheel with a better one. Install the small ALPINA front spoiler. Put all the stickers (tyre pressure, oil service, Battery etc.. in the engine bay), put the ALPINA sticker on the air box… and… fine tune the engine which still has (very likely a Weber issue ?) some kind of hole within 3500 – 3800 revs… Other than that this car goes like hell and I can very seriously compare its performance with my E36 M3. Not kidding at all.

    Unfortunately, due to some lack of time, I also doubt I will attend the OGP at the Nuerburgring with the car as I will not manage to be in Germany early enough to make it with the car.”
    “The project now is really close to completion and the car could really be driven in its current condition (I also drove it for test purposes) but some of the missing elements are annoying me.

    Oct 2008

    Will install the small front spoiler and will post some pictures (last ones) when I will drive to Buchloe with the car (guess next spring)”
    “Was in Germany last week end, car now finished with correct BMW ALPINA decals and stickers. Runs fantastic – very old school = very loud. The car is very quick But it’s better not speaking about consumption.