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    The purpose for the B6 2.8 Touring was to take advantage of a market opportunity when BMW Japan decided to not import the 328i Touring to Japan. This model was a cheaper alternative to the B3 3.2 Touring which was also imported to Japan at the same time.


    The B6 2.8 Touring features the following modifications:
    * interior plaque with “B6 2.8 Touring LTD. EDT.” model designation
    * exterior “B6 2.8” emblems
    * chassisplate with “B6 2.8 Touring Japan” designation
    * own chassisnumber range
    * available colors for the B6 2.8 Touring were limited to silver, green and red

    The vast majority of B6 2.8 Touring examples are equipped with automatic non-Switchtronic gearbox.


    The B6 2.8 Touring was produced from 1996 to 1998.

    In total 136 examples were made.