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  • Dreier-Flotte
    C2 2.7 vs M3 vs Schnitzer S3




    The article is a comparison of the C2 2.7 against the M3 and Schnitzer S3. The author clearly really likes the M3 which BMW has modified a lot compared to the standard 3-series. The Schnitzer S3 is by far the cheapest because it can be bought in components, whereas the C2 2.7 has the most power and torque.


    Measurement data
    M3C2 2.7S3
    0-100 kph:7.1 sec7.3 sec7.5 sec
    0-160 kph:17.5 sec18.7 sec19.1 sec
    1000 meter:27.5 sec27.4 sec28.1 sec
    Topspeed:239 kph228 kph222 kph