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    Test BMW 2002 Alpina




    The article is a test of the 115hp 2002 Alpina. Although nominally only 15hp more than the standard 2002, the Alpina version is much faster - almost as fast as the 130hp 2002tii. As the car industry was in a crisis in the mid-1970s the main focus wasn't only gaining extra power but also improving fuel efficiency. Alpina not only manages that but even switches the engine from RON98 to RON95 fuel.


    Measurement data
    2002 Alpina20022002tii
    0-100 kph:9.2 sec10.6 sec9.7 sec
    0-160 kph:27.6 sec-31.3 sec
    1000 meter:31.0 sec32.5 sec31.3 sec
    Topspeed:189.5 kph176.5 kph190.5 kph