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    B6 3.5 Kat vs AMG 190E 3.2 Kat
    The article is a comparison of the B6 3.5 Kat against the AMG 190E 3.2 Kat. These are the first generation of sports cars not from the large manufacturers to have catalytic converters. The article concludes that both Alpina & AMG have done a great job in applying the new technology.
    Measurement data
    B6 3.5 KatAMG 190E 3.2 Kat
    0-100 kph:6.4 sec7.1 sec
    0-160 kph:15.5 sec16.8 sec
    0-200 kph:27.8 sec31.3 sec
    1000 meter:26.5 sec27.5 sec
    Topspeed:245 kph240 kph