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    520i A4 vs 520i
    In 1973, the new E12 is seen as being a heavy-weight cruiser as opposed to an agile driving machine. This article is a test of the stock 520i versus Alpina's 520i A4.

    Modifications by Alpina bring the engine from 130hp to 155hp. The changes encompass modified inlet manifold & exhaust as well as a new Kugelfischer fuel injection. The engine still retains its docile character - it is quiet with stable idle. Also it's slightly more efficient than the standard BMW engine.

    Together with Bilstein, modifications to the suspension have been made. This has changed the handling characteristics from oversteer to neutral as well allowing much higher cornering speeds. Additionally, modified brakes have been installed - ventilated disks at the front and modified drum brakes at the rear.

    The conclusion is that the 520i A4 offers sportscar performance & driving characteristics in a sedan. Alpina has however ensured that comfort and usability have been retained. That makes this car a good alternative for the upcoming 6-cilinder E12 versions.
    Measurement data
    520i A4520i
    0-100 kph:8.8 sec10.7 sec
    0-160 kph:22.2 sec30.9 sec
    0-400m:16.1 sec17.1 sec
    0-1000m:29.5 sec31.8 sec
    Topspeed:208 kph180 kph
    Listprice:21471 DM16500 DM