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    520i Alpina


    The article tells how BMW enthusiasts have become disappointed with the lack of sportiness of the new E12 5-series compared to earlier models. This is especially due to the increase in weight caused by additional safety and luxury features. This leaves a large niche for tuners to offer more powerful cars. The largest BMW tuner in Europe is Alpina which competes directly with BMW-Motorsport GmbH - BMW's in-house department.

    The modifications to the 520i Alpina are done in a professional manner and it's seen as a true alternative to BMW's upcoming E12 6-cilinder versions.
    Measurement data
    520i Alpina520i
    0-100 kph:8.7 sec11.7 sec
    0-160 kph:22.4 sec34.3 sec
    1000 meter:29.9 sec32.2 sec
    Topspeed:210.5 kph-