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    Topspeed Test B12 6.0 vs others




    The article is an annual topspeed test at Nardo. The authors are very impressed by the speed sensation of each of the cars, but also by the way each achieves its topspeed in a totally different manner. For example, compared to the noise and discomfort of the sportscars, the B12 6.0 offers an amazing level of comfort.
    Very impressive as well is the Ruf Turbo R which is a wolf in sheep's clothing...it is not much harder or louder than the stock 911 Turbo, however much faster and much more pure in its driving feedback.


    Measurement data
    B12 6.0Brabus SL7.3SFerrari 550M911 TurboRuf Turbo R
    0-100 kph:5.8 sec4.8 sec4.5 sec4.3 sec3.6 sec
    0-200 kph:20.4 sec16.0 sec14.2 sec14.9 sec11.8 sec
    Topspeed:291 kph308 kph307 kph313 kph329 kph
    Listprice:218600 DM358322 DM358500 DM234900 DM298000 DM