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    B12 6.0




    The article is a test of the newly released B12 6.0. Most of the text focusses on describing in detail the engine modifications which were required to increase the volulme of the B12 5.7 engine to 6.0 liters. Very impressive is how rapid the B12 6.0 is for a sedan weighing 2 tons.


    Measurement data
    B12 6.0750i
    0-100 kph:5.8 sec7.7 sec
    0-160 kph:12.3 sec17.0 sec
    0-200 kph:20.4 sec-
    400 meter:13.9 sec-
    1000 meter:25.0 sec-
    Topspeed:291 kph250 kph
    Listprice:218600 DM160900 DM