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    At IAA 2005, Alpina introduced the first model based on the E90 3-series – the D3. The D3 was only the second diesel version from Alpina – after the E39 D10 BiTurbo. The D3 was available both as Limousine and Touring models.

    Different than you might expect, the D3 is based on the 320d – not the more powerful 330d. However it perfectly fills the niche between these 2 BMW models. Interestingly, the D3 was the first Alpina to be produced almost completely on the BMW production lines.

    At the introduction of the D3, Alpina referred to the overall win during the 1998 Nürburgring 24-hour race by a team using a diesel-powered BMW 3-series – one of the drivers was Andreas Bovensiepen.

    In 2008, after BMW introduced an updated, more powerful 320d and the 323d – the niche was gone and Alpina stopped production of the D3. The successor of the D3 was the D3 BiTurbo.


    For the D3, Alpina chose the 2 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine from the BMW 320d. The changes are a larger Garret turbocharger, larger injectors, larger intercooler and a modified engine management system. The cooling package from the hot-climate version of the 320d was installed, as well as a custom exhaust. Uncharacteristically for Alpina, the engine internals are not changed.

    The modifications increase power to 200 bhp and 410 Nm. With over 100hp/liter, the D3 engine approaches power levels until recently reserved for petrol-engined sportscars.

    Only 1 gearbox available, a Getrag six-speed manual.


    The wheels are 18-inch Classic design with 225/40 and 255/35 Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires. Optionally, 19-inch Classic and Dynamic wheels with 235/35 and 265/30 tires were available.


    The D3 undergoes the same exterior modifications as usual with Alpina. Optically, the main changes were Type 361 front-spoiler, as well as a Type 363 rear spoiler for the sedan versions. No-cost option was a deco-set in gold or silver.


    For the D3, Alpina claims a 0-100 km/h time of 7,4 seconds for the Limousine and 7,7 seconds for the Touring. The top speed is quoted as 238 km/h. Not bad for a diesel…